Saturday, December 02, 2006

Isn't Jam lovely?

Jam really is lovely.A jam sandwich or jam on hot buttered toast makes a nice comforting meal. It's great when you haven't been shopping and can substiute for any meal of the day.

This was something I was thinking last night when I couldn't sleep. You can buy sandwiches from all sorts of places, Boots, Spar, all supermarkets plus locally owned sandwich specialists, but I can only think of one that might, if my memory serves me correctly which it often doesn't, sell jam sandwiches (Pickles Farm Fine Foods deli and sandwich shop in St.Annes on Sea). Why is this? Why has the deliciousness of a jam sandwich been exiled from the British lunchtime?

The latest jam revelation I have had is my first taste of yummy DAMSON jam. My boypartner pStan (that's a p as in psychic or psychologist, of which he is neither) has made damson jam, after the tree in the back garden had a bumper crop of damsons. We also gave lots of damsons to a very good cook (Gordon, former army catering corps cornal, a friend's father and my former employer in a cafe that served jam with toast or a cream tea with optional jam) to make some jam too - this was a good transaction, because when we dropped the fruit off we were given delicious green tomato chutney and home made strawberry jam, plus several jars of damson jam when he had made it. The two different damson jams have two distinctive tastes. One was a lot more sharp/tart than the other. I prefered the sweeter one.


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